How to survive 6th grade (You'll need it in order to live, btw Michael Hoerger did this amazing piece of work!😁

This is the guide to survive this school year!

Personal Experiences  

In middle school, you need a lot of responsibility.Without it, there's no chance. My experience in middle school was when I realized that I actually had all my stuff for the first time in class. Later that period, Mrs. Rosser blew up on one of the kids who forgot his supplies.That day I knew I always needed to bring my stuff! Thats just one of the things you need responsibility for. Other responsibilities are keeping track of time and classes!

Compare and Contrast
5th Grade                             6th Grade

5th grade-2 teachers                                                                   6th grade-6 different teachers

5th grade-no lockers                                                                   6th grade-lockers!

5th grade-walk in lines to classes                                             6th grade-walk with friends or                      

                                                                                                         groups to classes

5th grade-test                                                                                6th grade-exams

5th grade-4 different teachers                                                   6th grade-6 classes


Some problems in middle school don't even happen in the school, but some do. Such as keeping up with work and being on time! Other problems are more of a social nature. Some examples are friends, family, and maybe even relationships. Some solutions are to set aside time to study and even wear a wrist watch to help you be on time. For your social problems, maybe you should take a break or sit down and have a talk with a friend or family member.

A Successful 6th Grader

First off, being responsible is always a good choice as I already discussed, but being respectful is always important! If you are respectful,you are more liked by people in general. You should also listen to what people say, or else you won't hear anything they say! I can't believe I have to say this, but you should always do what the teacher says👍Oh, if you don't agree with the teacher,just tell a parent or Guardian!

My Expertise

My physical fitness by far is my Expertise💪💪! I love because it keeps me healthy, happy, fit, and social. Not only that, but it's a different type of learning. It's a body learning! Its always nice to be on a nonschool team and be with other physical groups. I do Gymnastics which I think is perfect for me. Considering I'm very energetic and always keep the room fun! Im level 8 out of 10 so I'm almost to the top and not too long ago competed at West palm Beach for my regional competition!

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