Teaching your kids to code

I came across this article from Yahoo news titled 6 great ways to teach your kids to code.


As I contemplated on this further, my instinct wondered if this was a bit too much to lay on a child but another instinct said this is exactly what our culture should be doing.

On the one hand, we see super accelerated sports programs that raise a child up in one sport, most will never achieve elite status and also miss out on a well rounded sports agenda. This trend of hyper-specializing children seems to be a bit oppressive. And yet, we do give many children the chance to learn to concentrate, to stick to commitment and see advancement.

Culturally we have left behind the times when a child learned his parents trade with a loss of family connection, master skill development and mentorship. The locksmith, watchmaker, iron smith, etc.; so why not foster its modern equivalents with teaching as suggested in the article.

What are your thoughts?