Five Tips to Get The Best Euro Deal

Without the foreign currency of the right kind, your international travel is not possible. Be it is a business trip or a summer vacation to the overseas destination, keeping the right currency at hand is quite essential. Otherwise, you would not be able to avail services or purchasing required items.

When travelling to European countries, the standard currency used for transactions is Euros. Several travellers often wonder on how to buy Euro online. Some of the experienced travellers prefer debit cards, traveller’s cheques, or pre-paid cards to meet ends during European travel. However, every place does not accept these instruments and sooner or later hard cash is required.

Following are the five best tips to get Euro at attractive rates:

  • Avoid Airport Kiosks
  • Use Debit Card to withdraw cash
  • Buy Foreign Currency online
  • Use Credit Cards for larger purchases
  • Consult a Good Broker

1> Avoiding Airport Kiosks

Airport Kiosks offer average forex rates and charge high exchange fees. Moreover, they only support standard currencies like Dollars, Euros, Yen, etc.

2> Cash Withdrawal Using Debit Cards

Debit Cards offer the best exchange rate as banks are involved. Flat fees are charged on each withdrawal. However, to avoid these fees, avoid frequent withdrawals and withdraw larger amounts.

3> Buy Foreign Currency Online

Online rates provided by currency exchange bodies are updated in real-time. You can buy forex online and get it delivered at home. Some agencies also provide a option for cash pickups at airports.

4> Use Credit Cards for Larger Purchases

Credit Cards charge flat fees on all purchases, irrespective of the amount. Best exchange rates are available through dynamic currency conversion. Upfront payment as such is not required to pay fees.

5> Consulting a Good Broker

Experienced brokers can provide best exchange rates for a small amount of brokerage. Check the reputation and credibility of the broker before approaching.