Definition- a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning


"What is essential in life? Food and shelter, of course, but don’t forget bathrooms! Many people take for granted that bathrooms are always there to suit our needs, no matter where we are.  However, behind all of that convenience is a lot of hard work, especially in Japan, where the otearai, or bathrooms, are among the cleanest and most convenient in the world."  Teen Ink Bathrooms in Japan By Tama27 Yokohama, Japan

My inference for this paragraph is Japan has really fancy and interesting bathrooms. The author is a funny person is interested in Japan.

"I'd like to swim in

the river but the drunken

sun has sipped it all"  Teen Ink, Dried, By random100, Iloilo City, Philippines

My inference for this poem is the author loves the outdoors and nature peculiarly likes swimming.  He/she is mad a global warming.

"You’re the scum on the pond surface,

behind my house,
that absorbs the sun’s radiance without allowing
the water to glitter" Teen Ink Pond Scum,, Fisher IN

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