Do You Really Need to Pick Up    
          That Phone?

                    How will that text message help you get somewhere?

Vehicles are powerful tools that don't always have a positive impact on our lives.

  • Is that emoticon you're typing really needed, while this has also distracted you from the fact that the light turned red. Now you are speeding through the intersection and you could have caused a deadly crash.
  • The car in front of you has suddenly stopped but you don't notice because you were texting your boyfriend/girlfriend about what you were doing for dinner tonight. You hit them because you couldn't brake soon enough.
  • As you were talking on the phone with your mom, you probably didn't see that a pedestrian has stepped out into the crosswalk. This could cause you not to be able to brake quick enough and end their life.
  • While you were on the phone with your best friend and you just couldn't wait to talk to her, you didn't notice the playing kids had lost their ball, and are now running into the street chasing the ball. If they don't see you and keep running into the street, like many kids do, you could severely injure them or end their lives.
  • You've been looking down at your lap texting a friend and you're starting to swerve sideways. You'll either go into traffic coming towards you, another lane of traffic or the ditch.

"Driving a vehicle while texting is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated," according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

You Can't Undo The Things You Do - No Matter How Hard You Try!

By Mattie Duddridge - 526599

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