Wrote a Book to Help Millennials

Title: We Never Learned this in Class!
The Reality of Life After College

I set out to help confused college grads!!

Twenty-somethings are facing more challenges than ever. Job, house, family: it can feel like a checklist of requirements for an amped-up version of graduation. Can a person really have it all, and is age thirty still the deadline for getting it all done? Balancing budgets with an entry level salary is a challenge, but also simultaneously balancing relationships can seem like an uphill battle. Accustomed to perpetual praise, today’s twenty-somethings now face a job market that doesn’t bode well for them. If I actually was a standout, shouldn’t I have snatched up my dream job by now? Or any job for that matter? Then there’s the relentless talk of decreased affordability of education as compared to previous generations. They worked hard, got the degree, and landed the job—but it’s just not that conventional anymore. Psychologists are rethinking the accepted stages of development, revising them include this new phase of "emerging adulthood." Is emerging adulthood an extension of self-exploration? Are millenials actually choosing to take longer growing up or are they facing indomitable challenges?

By virtue of dynamic change in America’s economy, those in their twenties are covertly shifting lifestyles, which could mean a whole lot of difference for the future. With endless opportunities, recent college grads are avidly seeking to find the fitting career puzzle piece, a missing significant other, and sustainable, meaningful friendships. The burning question is: Why did no one prepare us for this?

In a creative, humorous, and engaging, manner, I set out todivulge the well-kept secrets for success and address the countless dilemmas confronting growing-up youth. In a time characterized by doubt and fear, this is an essential road-map for twenty-somethings overlooked with the diploma!

Book Praise:

Barnes & Nobles: “This is the perfect book for anyone to read, but anyone 16-30 should 100% read this! It's a quick read and it’s inspiring and relatable”

Goodreads [rated 5 of 5 stars]: “I physically couldn't put this down. I was--no joke-- brushing my teeth with one hand and holding the book with the other. Graduating from Chapman University just a couple months ago, I am experiencing so much of what this book addresses. It really struck a chord with me. Thank you, Stefana. I needed this.”

Manhattan with a Twist: “Albu is a mind reader …it’s as if she took all my thoughts after graduation and transformed them into a well-articulated and clever book (…) this book came as a shining beacon of hope.”

Sun Chronicle: “The book is packed with practical advice, but is written in a personal tone and does not trivialize the small crises millennials go through day-to-day.”

Next year? I'll share the Latin salsa vibe gathered on tour to help millennials find inspiration, motivation, and optimism through fitness fun!

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