Big Time Rush

Is like a cell

Cell Membrane~ Freight Train

They're alike because while the cell membrane controls what comes in and out of the cell, Freight Train controls what comes in and out of Roque Records.

Cytoplasm~ Kendall

Cytoplasm holds the organelles in the cells together, while Kendall holds the band together when things are tough.

Logan~ Nucleus

Logan is the nucleus because he is the one that keeps all of the information together for the group.


Just like the mitochondria creates energy for the cell, Carlos creates energy for the group. He always knows how to pep everyone up, and he provides smoothies.

Rocque Records= ER

The ER packages and manufactures proteins, while Rocque Records is the place they record music AND ship it out.


James is the one of the group that is always at the gym working out, and he is always eating some kind of protein. Ribosomes create protein.

Gustavo and Kelly: Golgi Apperatus

These people are like the Golgi Apepraus because they package the "protein" (music) and ship it out to the world.

Lysomes and Peroxisomes= Buddha Bob

Buddha Bob cleans up after the boys and gets them out of trouble, just like how the Lysomes and Peroxisomes get rid of waste and digest toxic waste.

Mrs. Magicowski= Flagella

Just like how the flagella helps the cell to move around, Mrs. Magicowski helped BTR get to their first audition when only Logan had his permit.

Mama Knight= Centrioles

Centrioles help divide the cells, and Mama Knight divide up the group when they get into fights.