European exploration Proposal

Proposition by: Leo Chen

Hello my name is Leo Chen of France and I want to go to the Americas in hopes to find fur, gold and to bring back slaves for France. I am the best because I will bring back plants so that we will have more variety of foods. Other people will try to find  the city of gold which is obviously fake and they will also try to find a cheaper route to Asia which isn't there. There will be rough choppy oceans Native Americans that do not want us on their land and famine.I will convince the Native American to convert to Christians.  If  they do not agree then my people will use more painful tactics to use them to persuade them. If I see wealthy ones I will trade with them. If I see other friendly Europeans I will try to trade with them diplomatically . I will need 3 sea vessels that can carry at least 45 men. I will also need enough supplies to get us through 4 months. I will need at least 150 men that are willing to sail for at least 3 months. I will also need various weapons such as knives swords muskets and pikes. I will be leaving next year in 1681. If people aren't worthy of my  time then I will bring some back as slaves and use some for colonizing near the Great Lakes. Thank you for your time and I do hope that you made the right choice and pick me.

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