Kinesthetic Learning

By Jamison Tyson

What exactly is it?

Kinesthetic learning, also known as tactile, is a hands on learning approach where the person learns from experience, or physically doing certain assignments or experiements.

Any good tips?

I've learned from different ways, some hands on and some by myself, that has helped me survive throughout school. So here are some of my tips for those who are struggling that works for me!

1. Doodling

Now, I know what you're thinking "but doodling is a distraction". NOT TRUE. If so, I wouldn't have passed a lot of my classes in high school. Doodling is a means of keeping you busy while at the same time still paying attention in class. Others may take it to the extreme if maybe not even listening, but for me it helps me be able to learn material at a faster rate and also keeps me from going to sleep in my class.

2.tapping or moving around

For some Kinesthetic learners, they must be constantly moving in some sort of way or fashion, whether it's tapping your finger or rapidly shaking your foot. It sets some sort of motion to keep them focused.

3. Listening to music

Listening to music keeps your mind busy. Unless you find it distracting, it does help keep you on track of your work and possibly work faster.

4.Studying in Short blocks

Studying in short blocks really helps everyone in all honesty. Spacing out study sessions with a good break in between helps retain information and keeps you from not being bored.

5.Creating a model

Making a model helps a kinesthetic learner. It helps by actually physically being able to see what you're learning and be able to interact with it.

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