Cyber Security

marie schrider

Cyber security, or information  technology security, protects computers, networks, programs, and data from unauthorized access (UMCU). Due to the increase of mobile users, so does the number of hackers (UMCU). As technology becomes more advanced, so does the sophistication of hacking technology (UMCU). Cyber security ensures that private information will remain private, and that networks remain online (UMCU).  

So what does a cyber security professional do? Their main objective is to monitor the firewall and check for possible leaks(  This involves an understanding of coding, hacking, passwords, and installing various firewall applications (wisegeek).  They look for possible infiltrators and try to keep them out (GCN).

Knowing how to hack is perhaps the most important tool of a cyber security professional's arsenal.  By understanding the enemy so to speak, you know how to combat it, what areas to look for breaches.  However, I do not feel suited for this job because it holds no interest for me.  I find the concept of hacking fascinating, but I do not fully understand it, how to implement the virus, how to find the foothold.  Such is beyond me, and this job would not be a good fit.

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