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  • My name is Joe from New York City. What i want to say I’m not saying it with anger but I am tired of hearing people saying they too old or how old they are. But I want to say something I am 73 years young. When I retired at 63 I’ll be honest with you I was dying to retire but when i did retired after couple of months i knew i wanted to do something with my life. I didn’t was born just to sit down and do nothing with my life. Lot of my friends invited me lets go fishing Joe but that’s not me . If I want some fish i get it in the supermarket,,haaha.. So in short I asked God what to do with my life . I met my wife i got married i moved to the Philippines . I bought a lot and build my house and today I’m helping to build the church where i go. What I’m trying to say never say that you too old to do this or to do that, like they say 70;s for me is the new 40s. As long as you do something with your life that’s what really counts. When i started in the internet like we say in the US i couldn’t even tie my shoes online but i didn’t give up . But maybe is because I am very determined person but I thank God that I am. Today I have a business online that I’m very proud and with that extra money that’s helping me build my church and we started a program feeding the less fortunate . So again I’m gonna say never say your too old ..May God bless all of us.. this is me Joe Martinez Go and Visit we have Free Books on making money online” Thanks”
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    Free Books on Making Money Onlin – Free Books
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    Thank you  Joe Martinez

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