Korean War: Significant Events

Standoff at the 38th Parallel

North Korea went across the 38th Parallel in a surprise attack on South Korea. This triggered the Korean War.

The UN and US get involved

United Nations troops went to help South Korea under the command of General Douglas MacArthur. Most of the troops were American. They pushed North Korea out of South Korea towards China.

North Korea pushed the UN back

The Chinese felt threatened by the UN troops and sent troops to help North Korea. The UN was outnumbered had pushed back out of North Korea. North Korea then captured the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Douglas MacArthur is FIRED!

Douglas called for a nuclear war. He went over Truman and asked Congress for permission. As a result, Truman fired him.

Cease-fire Agreement and Division

In 1953, North Korea and the UN signed a cease-fire agreement and Korea stayed divided at the 38th parallel.

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