Lord Capulet Blog 1, Act I

Act 1, Lord Capulet, Kate Seoyoung Kim, per 4.

Ahh, the Montagues... They never behave in proper manners. This is such a disgrace to all families and the city of Verona! Not on the day of the big feast of Capulets! What would the royals and people of Verona think of the family. These frays should stop. Frays between two families are growing bigger and bigger. The prince must think me and the family as trifling people. Perhaps, Juliet is our only hope of purity and innocence.

This young man Paris has come by the mansion to ask for permission to take my beautiful daughter wed to him. He is royal, young and brave. He says he is ready to take my daughter as his wife, but worried of beautiful Juliet's young age of thirteen, the decision is very difficult. Juliet's mother was about her age as she got wed to me, and was conceive of Juliet. It was not a young age indeed, and Juliet being wed to Paris, the royals will give their faith and trust towards the family back again. The young man stopped by the feast tonight. Juliet have must fallen in love with Paris.

The feast was big, and all invited guest were enjoying thy time. Tybalt was the one who messed up the festive atmosphere of the night during the dance. Young Montagues were at the feast. Ahh, Tybalt that hot head... What would the people at the feast think of us. They must think that we even start frays and competitions when they do not cause any trouble. That young stuff was disgrace to the Capulets tonight. I don't know how the young Montagues sneaked into the mansion, but they did not cause any trouble at the night. My greatest focus was on Paris and Juliet. Am I ready to send my young daughter? Yes, I should be. This is for the family. The Capulets will be with the royals and be on top of the city of Verona through this wedding.

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2 years ago

"Skyler Cho, Paris" - Don’t worry Capulet, Juliet is all mature, and she is wise enough to handle matters at her age. She loves me, and I love her back. She is certainly ready to marry me, and I will do anything for her to make her happy for her whole life. Now make your final decision!