Internet Safety!

By: Brandy Guerrero

Internet Safety Tips:

1. Tell a adult- If you get a text message or email from someone you don't know, what do you do? You need to tell a adult and DO NOT reply.

2. Mean Text message- If you get a mean message from a random person don't reply just screen shot just in case. In the future you might need it to show a adult, or even a police.

3. Information- When someone asks for your information, DON'T give it to them because it might be someone you don't know. If you give them specific information they could track you down and find you.

4. Online Websites- Don't add anybody you don't know on like Facebook, Twitter,or any online website. If you add someone you don't know they can find a lot of facts about you online because you don't know how much you post online that is all about you.

5. Friends- Some people could trick you saying that their one of your friends and that could get you in serious trouble. Like they could say meet me somewhere I wanna hang out and you would be meeting up with a random person. So make sure you only add your friends and family.

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