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Brazil is home to many things such as famous athletic players, commonly known yet unique songs and dances, interesting and out of this world foods,  and celebrations filled with fun, games, and colors. So, for now sit back as I give you a culture shock all the way from Brazil.

Most Famous Brazilian Athletic player

Pele(shown in the middle of the 3 men) making his famous bicycle kick in competition.

One of Brazil's most famous athletes is known by the name of Pele. Having won 3 world cup championships (1958, 1962, and 1970) in his soccer career, Pele was considered a world wide soccer legend. Born in 1940, this young ambitious boy grew into a still yet ambitious young man receiving the award of football (soccer) player of the century by the IFFHS (international federation of football history and statistics) in 1999. Pele retired from his soccer playing career in 1977, but continues to amaze and brighten the hopes of upcoming soccer players around the world today. As of 2014 Pele is alive and well still expressing his love for the sport, his passion.

Brazilian Foods

This is one of Brazil's most common main dishes called Feijoada. This dish (or stew) includes black beans, pork, dried meats, and collard greens. served commonly on the side is typically white rice, orange salad, and Farinha (white ground cornmeal) and Cachaca (Brazilian white rum).

Brazilian Dance/Song

The most common form of dance and song in Brazil is called the Samba.  The Samba dates back to when slavery was still legal across the world.  For a while, the upper class Brazilians viewed this form of dance as obscene therefore forcing the poor to dance like this in private. When slavery was outlawed in the 1880's the Samba became more acceptable. However during the 1920's the Samba became very popular and is now one of the widely danced dances by people all over the world. Their costumes vary in color and style according to the theme of the event they are dancing in such as the Carnival.

Popular Brazilian Events

One of Brazil's most common and popular events is the Rio De Carnival. Rio De carnival takes place over a four day period and is full of colors, parades, and lots of dancing. During the carnival there are about 8 floats per night with dancers who represent the style and theme of the float in the dances they perform and the costumes they wear. People from all over the world go to see the carnival to experience the wild party like atmosphere of Brazilian culture.


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