This Week in the Lab - Week 6


K kids reading Platypus Day Out got a chance to show off! Using the Ipads and Airplay. Students drew a scene from the book using DoodleBuddy. Students then used Airplay to share the scenes and talk about them with their classmates.

Students also reinforced skills they were learning in the classroom using educational sites such as:


2 & 3rd

2nd graders finished up there even/odd math books. They were awesome!

3rd graders worked on their keyboarding skills with Typing Club.

4th & 5th

4th and 5th grades are learning how to search for images using Google Safe Search. We discussed usage rights and used Google's Advanced Search Features to search for images that described them. Students used these pictures to create amazing All About Me Videos using Animoto.

Check out My All About Me Animoto Video to get an idea of what the students created.