Tragedy Strikes In South California
<By: Joe> 2-24-15

On February 24th, a commuter train had slammed into a produce truck that apparently had been stuck on the tracks. It had injured a total of 50 people, and some had been in critical condition. Twenty-eight of those people had been sent to the hospital. The truck driver had not had any injures, but had left the scene of the accident. They are still not for sure why he had left the scene of the collision. The force of the train hitting the truck was so great that it had ripped the truck in parts and sent the passenger cars off the tracks and flipped over. It was said that the train was going around 79 miles per hour, and put on it's emergency break right before the impact had occurred. This will affect many people, and their families. It is fortunate for the families that no one was killed in this accident.

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This picture is of the passenger cars that went off the track.
This is a picture of the smashed truck, and the fire department trying to rescue passengers.
This is a street view of the accident looked like.
This is a picture of the 28 passengers that are getting sent to the hospital.
This is a picture of one passenger train that had almost did a 90 degree spin off the track.
This is a picture of all the medics, police officers, and firemen that had been at the scene.

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