Gays and Lesbian Suicides in the UK
By: Kayla Wright

How is Same-Sex marriage different in the UK?

In the UK the government allows it, they also hold Gay Pride Carnivals. Not everyone in the country agrees with it but there is less violence and suicides in England and Wales.

  • How is your region affected by the global issue? The UK is accepting of homosexuality not everyone is but they have laws saying it is legal to get married and they also hold Pride Conventions
  • What makes your region different from others affected by the global issue? The UK is different because in some foreign regions they do not allow it and the UK does and have laws and acts saying it is acceptable.
  • How is your region similar to others affected by the global issue? Every region has their problems and people who don't accept it and the UK is the same way. Not Everyone living in the UK is okay with Gay Marriage.
  • How do factors such as government structure,poverty percentage, demographics, population, societal norms, religion, or other cultural factors affect your region’s interaction with the global issue? They all support it, they went through parliament and the government to get laws passed to allow Gay Marriage and they have come a long way since then. This however does not mean they they don't have problems. The main problems is Gay suicides and they are working to decrease the number daily.
  • How specifically can this global issue be solved in your region? The way they are working to solve the High Suicide rate is by help lines, programs, and suicide conventions.
  • Why should people care specifically about your region and this global issue? They should care because the UK is one of a few countries who allow Gay marriage and work to put Suicide to a stop. This country cares and is trying to make a difference and influence other countries to accept it.
  • How can your audience take actions against the global issue specifically in your region? They can take Action by helping out, making sure everyone knows they are safe and can be their selves.

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