Sandra Levin of Colantuono & Levin, PC Leaving La Habra Heights Too

Sandra Levin leaving La Habra [Heights] too

Los Alamitos City Attorney Sandra J. Levin, who has already announced she is leaving her Los Alamitos post “no later than January 31, 2013,” is also expected to resign from her post as La Habra Heights Legal Counsel at their next City Council meeting.

All this apparently is to clear Levin’s workload so she can become the Executive Director of the LA Law Library, based on an announcement from the library this past Tuesday.

The obvious question is what impact the Law Library’s position’s availability might have had on Levin’s decision to resign from Los Alamitos.

Levin announced her resignation from her Los Alamitos position almost seven weeks ago in the first Council Meeting after the November election. Yet she still hasn’t announced her resignation from her La Habra Heights position, despite the Law Library Directorship is a full time position.

Levin might have been involved in discussions about the LA Law Library position almost two months ago, when she announced her resignation here. However, it would seem logical to conclude from the over two months between her Los Al resignation and the pending La Habra Heights resignation that the Law Library post was not the primary motivation for the Los Al resignation.

However, I suspect Levin’s experiences in our town might have helped her conclude the Executive Position might be a more enjoyable assignment....
December 21, 2012
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