(Born-54CE Died-68CE)

Was Nero a good Emperor?

Many people in rome believed that Nero was not a good emperor because of him killing his mother and wife and because of how he had the early christians thrown to the lions. He also started the rome fire and spread devastation throughout the people of rome.

How did he achieve power?

After Nero's father died when he was three, his mother married and soon Nero became the son of emperor Claudius. When Claudius died Nero was placed upon the throne before Claudius real son. It is said that Nero's mother poisoned Claudius in order to get his son in power and rule.

How did he keep his power?

Nero kept his power by performing publicly as an actor, singer and musician. Nero also enjoyed driving chariots but killed those who thought might be better than him.

How did he use his power?

Many people said Nero abused his power and used it stupidly. For example, he would send people to write there wills and kill them before the ink dried.






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