Mother to Son

What is the poem about?

The poem "Mother to Son" is about a Mother having a dialogue with her son about how she wants him to have a good life and make it better than she has it


The characters on "Mother to Son" are a woman and her young son.

Is there a conflict

The conflict is that woman has had a hard life.

Is there a resolution

The resolution is the mother is telling her son words of wisdom about life and how she wants him to have a better life than she did.

Is the figure of speech's being used

Yes there is. In line 2, 3, 4, and 5 she states that life " Has tacks in it and splinters and boards torn up."

What do those figures of speech mean literally

All that means that her life has been hard or brutal

What would be a good theme for this text

A good theme for this text would be, " The mother wants her son to be better than she is and be successful in life and make something of himself so he don't have to life a hard life.

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