Beast Hunter by Lindsay Schopfer review by Matthew Staton

Beast Hunter by Lindsay Schofer

Beast Hunter by Lindsay Schofer is an exciting, adventurous, and fun to read book for multiple reasons.

Here’s a intro. The main character Keltin Moore is a skilled hunter, a great shot, experienced, and smart beast hunter. Some of the beasts are the smoke beast, the tusked giant, the armored leach, and many more. I’ll talk about them later.

Some of the greatest adventures are to Kendria and Dhalma Province. The trip to Kendria was uncomfortable, long, and he has to walk the last part of the trip. The ride to Dhalma Province wasn’t much better except for the view. Dhalma Province is a forest and farmland area. Luckily there was only one beast attack.

Now back to the beasts. The two strongest are the smoke beast and the tusked giant. The tusked giant is afraid of the smoke beast. The smoke beast is the strongest one of all, because it warps the area around it.

In conclusion this is an adventurous, fun,and exciting book to read.


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