Chinese Dynasties

Sui, Song and Tang

Sui Dynasty

Sui Dynasty (589-618)

(Pictured above) First ruler of the Sui dynasty,Yang Jian, more importantly known as Wendi. He had a centralized government and helped with the Grand Canal. His son, Yang Di, took over after his father and was soon assassinated in 618 by an official. He had forced millions of peasants to work on the Grand Canal leading to the death of many laborers. He had many failed military campaigns and there was much rebellion during his rule. Despite this, between Yang Di and his father, they were able to create the Grand Canal which was a 1,000-mile waterway which linked Northern and Southern China.

Song Dynasty

Song Dynasty (960-1279)

They established a capital at Kaifeng and restored centralized government. They enlarged government bureaucracy. They had exams that would test students' grasp on Confucianism and related ideas. Neo-Confucianism gained favor during this time. The Song tried to buy peace with the Nomads by sending them lavish gifts. Song artists focused on nature and produced much artwork with landscapes of great beauty, they were none for painting with just black ink. Moveable type (pictured above) was created during this time period. Paper money also became invented in the Song dynasty.

Tang Dynasty

Tang Dynasty (618-907)

This period of time experienced much prosperity and cultural achievement. Built on Sui foundations to create a strong government. This dynasty expanded the civil service examination system. The rulers created a flexible law code. Taizong helped a lot with China's expansion. He ruled from 626-649 and was one of China's most admired emperors. He built schools to prepare students for civil service exams. Wu Zhao (pictured above) gained power and was the only woman to ever hold power in Chinese history. After Wu Zhao was Xuanzong who ruled from 712 to 756. During his reign the empire prospered and culture flourished. They were defeated a lot in the military. The dynasty ended when a powerful general killed the emperor.

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