Inferences of Jack and the beanstalk
By:Tony Johnson/ By:Maggie Moore

The giant says "Fee, fi, fo, fum, i smell the blood of and Englishman, and he is stomping around and Jack is shocked, and scared, and he goes and hides in a cupboard.

The giant said that because he smells Jack in the his castle and if he sees Jack he's going to kill him or capture him.

The giant says "Fee,fi,fo,fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, so he thinks that somebody is in his castle.

Jack ended up in the giants castle because he was going to sell a cow because him and his mother were poor, so they needed money and while Jack was going to the market he ran into a old man who gave him five magic beans for the cow and when he showed his mother she threw them out the window and they grew overnight and when he found the beanstalk he climbed it and ended up in the giants castle.

And in another part an old man saw Jack taking a cow to the market and said "I'll give you five magic beans," so he could get the cow.

The old man said that because he knows that Jack is a kid and that he can trick him easily to get the cow.

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