Early Japan(Yamato Clan and Hiean Period)

Yamato Clan

    There is no certain date that the Yamato Clan started, but it started very early in history. Around the 500's the Yamato Clan controlled much of Honshu. They controlled with a bureaucracy throughout Honshu, and their capital was located someone within the territory of Honshu. We don't know leaders of this clan either, but they did believe that they were descendants of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. The current Japaneses rulers believe that they are descendants of the Yamato Clan.

This shows the estimated territory that the Yamato Clan controlled.

Heian Period

     The Heian period was said to have been from 794 to 1000. The government was a bureaucracy. This government ruled most aspects of life. Their capital was Heian, which the period was named after. During this period peace and easy going etiquette was spread throughout the land. The 'Tale of Genji' was a very big success.

This shows the different locations of popular cities and lands throughout Japan.