Mrs. Gilmore

Algebra 2
Summer School 2015

Semester 1 (Morning Session):  7:30 am - 11:10 am
Semester 2 (Afternoon Session):  11:50 am - 3:30 pm

Contact Information
(816) 736-5340 ext. 2821

Email communication typically receives a response within 24 hours.
Phone communication typically receives a response within a few business days.

Course Materials

Laptop to access online book and resources
Finished Assignments
Paper/Notebook and Writing Utensil (pencil preferred)
Scientific Calculator (TI 30X IIS Preferred - see photo below)

Weighted Grades

Grades are weighted so that your overall course grade is reflective of what you have learned in Algebra 2.  As tests and quizzes are the biggest opportunity to showcase your learning, tests and quizzes have the greatest impact upon your grade.

We typically cover four lessons per day of summer school, and we usually have one assignment for each lesson.  We will have assignment work time in class, and a set time when we will check the most recent assignment.  It is an expectation to go back and correct your mistakes on each assignment.  Assignments are typically worth 10 completion points unless otherwise noted.  Some assignments will be graded by peers and entered into the gradebook for accuracy credit.

Tests and Quizzes
We will have a test over each full unit of study (usually a full chapter).  Quizzes are more frequent, typically covering a few sections.  Missed quizzes and tests need to be made up as soon as possible.  There are no retakes for tests and quizzes in Algebra 2.  

Final Exams
At the end of each semester, there is a cumulative final exam covering all of the material from that semester.  To receive credit for each semester of Algebra 2, you must take the final exam.  Final exams will be worth 10% of your semester grade, as noted above.

Summer School Attendance

Algebra 2 is offered for credit recovery during summer school.  In order to
receive credit, you cannot miss more than two sessions of summer school.


Class Website
This website is your hub for all information in Mrs. Gilmore's Algebra 2 class.  On this website, you will find the daily schedule for class work, activities, and assignments.  Links to worksheets, answer keys, and test and quiz reviews will be available here.  Videos to aid in learning either when you are absent or when you need extra help will also be available.  Bookmark this site on your computer!

We will be utilizing an online textbook, online resources, online graphing programs, and other appropriate programs.  During instruction, laptops should remain closed unless otherwise directed.  During work time, you may use your laptop to access the online textbook and other online resources.  Mrs. Gilmore reserves the right to ask you to close your laptop if you are using it in a manner not appropriate for Algebra 2.

iPods and Music
You may listen to music during work time only.  Music should be for your ears alone - if those around you can hear it, you will be asked to turn it down or turn it off.

Cell Phones
It is important to learn how to use cell phones appropriately.  Make sure your phone is on silent.  If you are using your phone inappropriately or at an inappropriate time, you will be asked to put it away.

Cell Phone Calculators ARE NOT ALLOWED!  
Getting used to an approved scientific calculator is one of the best test-taking strategies, as cell phone calculators are not permitted on any standardized testing, such as the ACT Test or the EOC Test.

Expectations for Room 506

Respect your classmates' right to learn
Treat others with respect, and do your best to not distract them from learning.

Respect the classroom and building
Throw away trash and pick up after yourself.

If you need to leave the room
Ask Mrs. Gilmore first, if given permission, write your name on the board and take the classroom hall pass lanyard with you.  When you return, erase your name.

Tutoring and Extra Help

We will have ample work time during class, but please speak
with Mrs. Gilmore if you feel you need additional help.

PowerSchool - GRADES!

Students can check grades often using Power School.  
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