Medieval Weaponry

Nicholas Ruvolo

In Medieval Times they use many types of weapons for many different things. The weapons in Medieval Times were made of Iron, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, Steel, and wood. The people that made these things were blacksmiths. The result was a diverse family of single and double hand swords for cutting, thrusting, or cutting and thrusting. These might be straight or curved, slender or wide, tapered or not, and single or double-edged.  

Some close weapons in medieval times are a Mare, The Military Fork , The Pole-axe, The War-scythe, The Glaive, Halberd, The Holywater Sprinkler, The Langdebeve, The Loclinber Axe, The Bill, The Danish Axe, The Flail, and The Gisarme. These weapons were very popular for fighting in a close range area because they did a great amount of damage to your enemies body if u hit the with it or stabbed them with it.

Some far range weapons in medieval times are The Dirk, The Sling, The Light Crossbow, The heavy Crossbow, The Javelin, The Long Bow, The Composite Bow, and The Short Box. These long range weapons were also very popular in medieval times because they were very efficient with the speed power that they had when you launched them in to the air, when you through them at your enemies, or when you pulled a trigger on the weapon.

In medieval times they didn't only use weapons but they also needed to use shields for defense so if somebody swung a weapon at you or shoot something a you, you can use a shield to block it.

In medieval times they had to wear armor so they have extra protection wile they are in battle or in a game. Armor in medieval times was made of iron and steel. The parts of a set of armor are a Helmet, a Breastplate, a Vambrace,  Cuisses, Pauldrons, a Rerebrace,  Gauntlets,  Poleyns, Greaves, and Sabatons.

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