PHMS zoo trip 7.3
may 1st 2014

Kaleb bikini

a Henry doorly zoo

finding animals of the world

common name: arapaima                      phylom name:  arapaima gigas

biome/ water                                                  home range/ fresh water

fish adaptations                                        arapaima adaptations

1 fins for swimming                                   1 2 big vertical fins

2 have a back bone                                   2 very big so things wont eat him

3 eyes for seeing prey and predators   3 muscular to swim fast

4 agile to swim easy                                 4 hard skull for protection

5 tail fin to swim                                      5 red scales for camofldge

Bull frogs have camouflage

common name Bull Frog                                    scientific name   

biome near water                                              home range North america

amphibians adaptations                              Bull Frog adaptations

1 lungs for living on land                          1 webbed feet so it can swim easy

2 legs so they can move on land               2 strong legs so they can move quickly

3 has poison on it skin                                3  long toung for catching prey

4 a sort of hibernation                                 4 big eye to spot prey or prededors

5 breath throug skin                                    5 cold blooded

This viper is venomus

common name: hairy bush viper                           phylum name: Atheris hispida

biome: savanna                                                  home range: central Africa

reptile adaptations                                             hairy bush viper adaptations  

1 scales for keeping water in                            1 poison for killing prey

2 eggs have shells                                                2 muscular body for moving

3 claws if they have legs                                     3 double hinged jaw for swallowing prey

4 tails for balence                                               4 long scales so it is hard to eat

5 exothermic                                                       5 camouflage to hide from prededors

common name: Peacock                    phylum name: Pavo cristatus

biome: rain forest                                home range: Ireland

Bird adaptations                                    peafowl adaptations

1 wings                                                      1 multie colored for intimadation

2 fetherd                                                  2 big feathers for intimadation

3 warm blooded                                     3 beak that can eat alot

4 legs                                                         4 talons

5 beaks                                                     5 good eyesight

common name: Golden zebra (endangered)

Phylum name epuus quagga

biome savanna                        

home range: African savanna

mammal adaptations                                    zebra adaptations

1 warm blooded                                            1 camouflage

2 fur/hair                                                      2 short hair

3 born alive                                                  3 big ears

4 babys drink mothers milk                       4 eyes on side of head

5 4 chamberd heart                                   5 developed brains

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