Peasants and Serfs

By: Aubrianna McKee

Here are some peasants that are working in the fields.

If you were born a peasant you most likely stay a peasant for the rest of your life.

~ Most of the peasants were farmers, but some were tradesman, such as millers or tavern owners.

~ Most farmers weren't free, so they were called serfs.

~ Men wore tunics, and long stockings, woman wore long dresses and long stockings, children wore the same.

~ Peasants's diets were consisted of whatever was on the land. Bread, porridge, vegetables, and some meat.

~ Peasants lived in towns within their lord's manor. Their houses were built of stone or of branches covered in mud. Roofs were hatched thatched, and the house only had 2 rooms.

~ Peasant children were very poor and did not have many toys. They were usually working in the fields as young as age 2.

~ Religion was very important to the peasants. They believed that their faith could take them to a world that was certainly easier than the world in which they lived.

All in all, I think that a peasants life was very hard.

This is a great example of children, who were peasants, working in the field.

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