Fish Project

Created by:Daniel and jaycob

For our project we had to make a fish tank for this customer. The customer gave us a certain budget for the tank. The budget was $700. We chose 2 fish for the project. The Kennyi African Cichlid fish costs $5.00. The other Fish was the  Spotted African Leaf Fish. This fish costs $7.69.

Spotted African Leaf Fish:

* Diet:frozen, freeze-dried

* Size: 6"

* Water temp: 72-82 degrees

* Swimming level: Middle

Kennyi African Cichlid Fish:

* Diet: frozen spirulina

* Size: 6''

* Water Temp : 72-82 degrees

* Swimming level: Middle

Budget list:

Spotted African Leaf Fish- $7.69

Kennyi African Cichlid Fish-$5.00


Tall  Driftwood - $40

Rock Cave - $35

Blue Medium w Rock Base$15.00

Tank size-$300

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