Cole Aikmus

This is Chile. The langaugue spoken here is spanish

This is one of the many villages in Chile they almost all have beautiful country side views. Chile is very Country side but also has big city such as Santiago which has a population of around 7 million people, about 36% of the total population.  The currency here is the chilean Peso. Two bordering countries are Bolivia and Argentina.

The star may represent a guide to progress and honor while other interpretations refer to its reference to an independent state; blue symbolizes the sky and the Pacific Ocean, white is for the snow-covered Andes, and red stands for the blood spilled to achieve independence. Also the population of the country is 16,285,00. The growth rate of the country is .92% .

This is the most famous island in the world Easter island it is off the coast off Chile  it has a total of 887 moai are the main trade mark of the Island and is one of the most visited place when people go to chile.  The second most visited place in chile is San Pedro de Atacama because the beautiful landscape tourist just love it. The third Lake District the lake is 650 miles from the capital so most tourist come hear because the beautiful lake and The high platform views from the lake.

This is a picture of Lake District. Some of the expressions from chile are they base the sound of their language from the country areas to the heavy populated areas you can tell a difference in dialect. The archipelago of Chiloé in the south of the country has a distinct dialect (Chilote Spanish) that is especially influenced by Mapudungun.  The chilean highlands often sound a lot different from the populated places dialect also.

This is a lunch from Chile Pastel de choclo, is the food shown here it has meat rice corn tomato and a green type of sauce.  Cazuela is another popular dish , a clear broth  made with rice, potato, meat, and corn.

Mote Con Huesillos is the drink shown here it is non-alcoholic it is made out of dried peaches, sugar or honey,water, cinnamon  husked wheat. A lot of other beverages contain a lot of alcohol in  them or are made with some type of alcohol.

The Climate in Chile is usually warm and doesn't receive a lot of rain.  Chile is very mountainy for its geography.  

The chile Futbol team is a very consistant team that  has had 19 over 5th places wins and elo rating has rated them among the top 25 strongest teams in the world. Thir head coach is Jorge Sampaoli. The captain of the team is  Claudio Andrés Bravo Muñoz.

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