The definition of inference is a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning. For example:

  • Watching a man run towards the gate at the airport.

I can infer that he is running late for his flight.

  • Sherry's toddler is in bed upstairs. She hears a bang and crying.

I can infer that her toddler fell out of bed.

  • The floor is covered in shreds of newspaper and Susan's dog has newsprint on his paws.

I infer that Susan's dog ate the newspaper.

Images to help make an inference can be:

I can infer that in this picture a man is trying to save his family from a flood and is walking to shore with them while their house is being carried out to the water based on the rushing water, the unstable house, scared looks on the men's faces.

I can infer that these people are watching a sport, maybe more of a popular one like baseball or football based on his comment,"Come on! I could've made that catch!", making me think that it involves a sport where you have to catch a ball, not kick it like soccer.

I can infer that this person was out in the sun all day and forgot to put on sunblock, so his feet got sunburn based on the

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