The Haunted House

By: Liam

"Ahh!"  The zombie was right on my tail!  His face was as pale as the moon.  As I tripped over a fake boa constrictor.  "I'm doomed", I thought.  Was he still there?

It was Friday 2009 and I was awfully scared.  We were at Freaky Friday.  I was always scared of the haunted house; it made me anxious.  

Boom!  "Ouch," we had just hit a speed bump.  We were on our way to Freaky Friday.  There was just one problem: I had to go in the haunted house.  I thought, "Will I make it out?"  Besides the haunted house there were fun games like soccer, golf, hockey, toss, etcetra.  I can't play games until I go in the haunted house.  I was so excited and scared I had butterflies in my stomach.

Suddenly I felt as small as a needle. I knew I had to be quick enough, brave enough, and manly. Inside my chest was pounding, my ribs were on fire, and my palms were sweating, I was freaking out! Finally it was my turn. I inhaled and exhaled. I went inside it was poker and pool themed. I felt calm. I saw movement. Where was everyone? I finally realized I was alone. Everyone had moved on. Out of nowhere four hairlike creatures descended. Ahhhhahhhhhh, I yelped. I closed my eyes to listen. Nothing. Were they gone? I opened my eyes and gasped.

I was face to face a I don't know? But his face was as hairy as a wolf. Plus he had claws as long as carrots. I thought about screaming, but who would hear me? I remember wishing I was somewhere else.

Suddenly an idea swirled in my head. It was a quick, easy plan. Run! that's all there was to it, and I did all the way to the next room. It was simple, but I had bigger problems, that was just one room. How many more?

As I entered the next room, I saw two huge battle axes dropping over the door way. Instantly I realized there would be frankenstein, vampires, witches, ghosts and before I knew it a witch crawled out from a weird looking object. Her face was covered in warts. The hairs on my neck stood up. Her face was all it took. I was gone in a flash.

The next room was a graveyard. A zombie appeared out of thin air and grabbed at my foot. Slowly, it rose out of his coffin. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door. I ran toward it but tripped over a fake boa constrictor. Was I doomed? When I got up nothing was there as I walked out I realized my face was as red as an apple! As left, I felt as big as a T. Rex. It felt good.

Well, I ended up pretty scared. But when I think about it, it was fun. Plus, I learned to keep up.

Too Spooky For Me