"Soul is Freedom. Love is Power. Hope is a Dream. And Freedom is Ours."

Our Flag

Our flag is red and black to symbolize the blood and death we will face to save our country. The white lines over the red and black stripes mean the clarity we will provide; the light we will shine upon our country’s darkness. This magnificent bird symbolizes the freedom we will obtain once our country is liberated from our country’s tight clasp.

The Truth Behind the Constitution.

Constitution of Royaume Royale


The name of this country is Royaume Royale.



The purpose of this country is to provide unfair treatment, corruption, and death.

There is no reason for this excuse of a country to exist. This country strives to achieve separation, bankruptcy, fear, imprisonment, and cruelty.

Examples may include: Discrimination against the people according to class, gender, race, age, and mentality. Due to the economy, not every citizen will have the ability to attend school because they will have to provide food and shelter for their families. The government control the country, similar to dictatorship, but worse.


Citizens are required to pay overpriced taxes daily, face unfair wages against adults (16 and over), free education is open to all citizens, but most people aren’t able to attend, and poor environment facilities to the unwealthy. Each citizen is expected to follow strict rules (and not to complain) or else... The government asks citizens to support them when they publicly torture a citizen for having a voice to teach others a lesson.


The government controls every aspect of this country. Supreme power is given to one individual. Individuals tend to let the power go to their head. There is no share of power. A person can easily be corrupted. The leader is not chosen. Leaders are crowned based on their family line. The royal family line will forever rule until the following generations cease to provide the kingdom with a potential dictator. This forbids change in sovereignty.


The people have to fend for themselves. People say the government will “provide” them with supplies essential for living, but really, they have to provide for themselves in order to survive in this country. They must work from the moment they turn 16 to make a living for themselves without any help. The government’s job is to make sure everyone if following the rules and not disobeying. If anyone disobeys, there will be consequences for each individual, possibly death.


  1. Healthcare is provided for everyone. (Healthcare is expensive and is provided for citizens only. Health care isn’t always thorough. Their diagnosis’ may not be valid.)
  2. If you are a citizen, you pay half of the taxes. (It is hard to become a citizen, so most people have to pay full taxes.)
  3. Always wear a microphone, if caught without it, you will be sent to prison and forced to speak if you did anything wrong. (This is an invasion of privacy.)
  4. If caught in a fight or argument with someone, you will have to take a class every day that will help you with your conflicts. (The government doesn’t regard the cause or the person who ignited the conflict.)
  5. You are not allowed to speak about Posighdon or else there will be consequences. (This law violates your freedom of speech.)
  6. When sent to prison for any reason, you must speak with the truth only. (This is their version of the truth and they won’t believe you even if you are speaking the truth.)
  7. If caught with any weapon, it will be considered as wanting to murder and you will be in jail for many years. (The government will not hear your reasoning, even if its self-defense or protection.)
  8. You may not turn off any of your microphones or cameras watching you in your home or anywhere that you are. (This is another invasion of privacy.)
  9. May not socialize with anyone in public, unless it has to do with work . (Communication is limited.)
  10. No eye contact, or any type of body contact with anyone in public. (Accidental touches or glances will result in punishment.)


Free education is provided for all citizens in the country, but not all citizens have the privileges of attending due to family matters. Because so many people lack education for these reasons, they are penalized. There are 3 colleges; one private and two public, so space is limited and not all people can get in.


Our flag is specifically made to represent the hardships we will face to save our country and be free like the eagle.  


Posighdon and his family bloodline rule our country with power, cruelty, and darkness.

Figurehead: Victoria

Victoria is courageous. She will not be intimidated into silence.

She will not decline anyone a fight for happiness. Everyone is free to join. She's a role model, a voice to those who cannot speak. Victoria inspires people to take the risk and create a better world. Our savior has direction. She has a vision. She plans to change Royaume Royale. Victoria is determined to defeat the country's cruelty once and for all. With Victoria as your leader, victory is assured.

Victoria was once a regular citizen until her family was taken away from her after they begged the king for the taxes to be lowered because they couldn't provide the proper support for their growing daughter. The king saw this as inequality towards the rest of the country. Consequently, the family could not pay the taxes. The king saw this as an act of defiance as sent for the opposers. The girl was left with sorrow and loneliness. That same day, a seed of hate began to grow in her and her desire for change began.

Our National Anthem

Our country is grand or so the government says.

Our country is free or so the people believe.

But did you know, we are never alone?

With their cameras and their mics, they watch us all night.

We must defeat them before they capture us.

We must kill them before they silence us.

Let's get ready...And march, march.

Get ready to march.

We will not scurry in front of the king.

We will be brave and show him what we got.

We will take his crown. There's a new ruler in town.

A new ear will begin.

Propaganda Posters

The Ministry of  "Love"

Most of the residents of Royaume Royale will end up in prison for one reason or the other. Do you know what happens in there, in the horrible place? You have no idea how frightening it actually is. The government shows it, at most, as a quick merciless kill, but it is much worse. The government usually shows the prison as a rehabilitation center of some sort, but this is far from the truth. The government steals your identity, your “humanness”. The government rids of all your senses, slowly. This section of torture is at the highest point of the building. First, they take your sense of taste. They starve you and feed you food with extremely strong tastes. The taste is so powerful; your mouth dulls the taste so it can eat it. Soon the food becomes tasteless, always leaving you unsatisfied. Next to go is your smell. Intense smells makes your nose burn and your eyes water. Soon, these odors become “regular” and your nose becomes useless. Later, they’ll play high pitched beeps until your ears bleed. One by one your sense will become incompetent. All you have left is your sense of touch and sight, two very important senses. They’ll take your touch by burning every part of your body. You can only see things now, but what good is just sight. Before, you could hear the footsteps of the guards, coming to induce pain. Before, you could feel. Before, you could do much more. They take away the one sense you have left, the only thing is you have. Before, you could be human. Now, you’re nothing, but an organism taking up space, a meaningless robot. They broke you. You wish you were dead, but the “fun” does not end here. In the lower levels, they allow you to “live” with the other prisoners. They don’t let you die. This is a form of torture more cruel than death itself. Once you come in, you never go out unless, of course, you die.

Rebels: Victoria Aldaco and Brianna Contreras