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About Liberty Run Foundation

Led by a former active duty U.S. marine, the Liberty Run Foundation is a Veteran 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that helps wounded veterans rehabilitate following active service. The group uses a hands-on approach to address a wide variety of challenging conditions, including posttraumatic stress disorder and physical wounds. Each veteran involved with the Liberty Run Foundation gains access to support systems, like mentoring, recreational therapy, and homeless veterans programs. Additionally, a Brother-to-Brother program is offered that pairs veterans together in an effort to provide daily support.

Through hard work and the support of sponsorships, the organization is able to carry out its mission. Additional fundraising events, such as a the Liberty Lightning 9K, a marathon, and numerous events throughout the year to help enhance the organization’s programs. The events serve the purpose of spreading awareness of the organization and its veteran outreach programs.

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Challenges for Returning Veterans

Liberty Run Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans, organizes a wide variety of programs and events. Its community sports events, such as the Liberty Run Marathon, build support for veterans. In addition, Liberty Run Foundation organizes efforts to directly help veterans, These efforts include mentoring programs that help veterans adjust to life after serving in the military.

One of the biggest challenges for veterans returning to civilian life is finding a job and building a new career. While all types of job-seekers have had a difficult time in the current economy, returning veterans often face additional challenges.

These might include handling the mental challenges of returning home. Some veterans struggle with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. This condition is associated with high levels of anxiety. This anxiety may manifest itself in alcoholism, difficulty managing one’s finances, or in other ways. Additionally, some veterans lack a support network upon returning home and struggle with finding professional and social opportunities. In order to overcome these and other challenges, therapy or veteran-focused programs can be a great help.

The Liberty Run Foundation is a not-for-profit Veteran's organization that provides veteran to veteran (V2V) support to enable direct continued care and programs for the special needs of our injured and recovering wounded veterans and their families.

A grass roots community level organization run by Veterans, our concept is simple… “Veteran to Veteran” rehabilitation activities that improves over all physical and mental wellness. Continued motivation and moral support comes through individual or group fostering that can’t be provided or met by government agencies.

Our programs provide hands on involvement in every aspect of recovery or ongoing care. Financial assistance for advanced equipment and occupational training is available and our programs encourage family participation in all rehabilitation activities.