Libya Civil Crisis

The Libya Civil Crisis is a current event going on in the northern part of Africa that is in distress and currently needs the help of all of us around the world.  The Libyan Crisis started as a result of the Arab springs, an uprise in protesters in libya. This then resulted in the Libyan civil war. The civil war of Libya , which then turned into the second civil war Libya, started in 2011 as a result general security instability by the local government. The crisis in Libya has resulted in tens of thousands of casualties, some being armed officials and others being citizens.

The Civil war in Libya is an argument between four groups trying to take  control Libya. These four groups are: the Council of Deputies which is the current government "in power" which was elected in 2014. This council has the support of the Libyan army and has been assisted by the airborne of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The rival government group is the newly formed General National Congress led by Muslims aided by Qatar, Sudan, and Turkey. A less organized group trying to take control is the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries led by Ansar al-Sharia, a militia group from Libya. the last group trying to take control of Libya is the radical group ISIS which has already brought terror across the world through its usage of social media to terrorize.

In September, 11 U.S. Ambassadors in Libya were killed by various groups trying to control Libya as a result of a disagreement. If we don't do anything to try and stop the spread of this civil war, more

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