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A new blog website was introduced and instantly butterflies came all over my tummy. Blogging is life, blogging is love. I have been blogging for almost four years using my original one:

Re-blogging and sharing new experiences is a must. It is fun and most of all, you would have the freedom of expressing yourself. Blogging is my virtual diary, I'm not here to impress but instead I just want to express.

Writing is made easier through this. So why not use it well? So I decided to create this blog with a theme of my own lifestyle. I would try my very best to blog as much as possible on anything great that I would experience.

Every person has a life that must be considered as an adventure to follow. So follow me, if you're interested in mine as I'm curious with yours because I  assure you that I follow back. Let's have a joyride. So, see you online! ♡♡


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3 years ago

Can't wait to see your blog, love this background!!