Lifeboat Technician: Specialized In Marine Safety

Lifeboats are very important on a ship or water vessel because they are the last resort. Simply put, if anything bad happens on a ship (though of course, there are many safety measures in place to make sure that is avoided) the lifeboat will be the emergency option that MUST be reliable at any given time. Any boat of any size needs to have a lifeboat on it, and one that is checked regularly. Lifeboat maintenance is an essential part of owning a boat.

This is why it is very important for ships and vessels to have a thorough inspection of their lifeboats done periodically. In this case, a lifeboat service technician is often called to do the evaluation and monitoring. This lifeboat service technician is one of the key people who specialize in marine safety as they make sure that not only are lifeboats viable and are ready to use at any given time, they also make sure that necessary emergency equipment that are fresh and usable are also available onboard the lifeboat.

There are several kinds of lifeboats. The most recognizable one is the inflatable kind, often used to hold 3-4 people at a time. There are also inflatable lifeboats that can hold much more people, and even emergency kits. There is also the lifeboat that is not inflatable, but made with a sturdy, lightweight material that floats so it can be used any time.

Lifeboat maintenance is now required by all those who own lifeboats on their vessels. Lifeboat service companies are usually contracted to do regular maintenance check-ups on them, checking the overall exterior, interior, the engine and of course, any other emergency kits included in the lifeboat itself.

Needless to say, lifeboat servicing by an accredited technician is very important in maintaining safety in the water. It also assures any people onboard the ship that they have a plan in place in case of any emergency, thereby saving hundreds of lives.

While we would all like to be assured that modern technology has completely eradicated the need to have emergency devices since everything is so safe, there is no harm in making sure we have a Plan B and Plan C that everyone is informed of. Nobody likes an accident, but we can minimize the casualties that may occur should something happen. Apart from checking up on the state of their lifeboats, look for common safety items like life vests, emergency kits, buoys and the like.