Texas Pharmacy Chain Lifechek Drug

The largest American retail pharmacy chain that is owned by a single individual, Lifechek Drug currently supports over 30 different locations throughout the state of Texas. The company maintains active professional memberships in the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, the Southern Drug Store Association, and several local chambers of commerce. In 2013, both Austin County and Fort Bend County chose individual Lifechek Drug facilities as the number-one pharmacies in their respective regions.

The Lifechek story began in 1990. Its founder Bruce Gingrich opened his first pharmacy shortly after graduating from the University of Houston. Four years later, Mr. Gingrich opened a second location in Conroe, Texas. As the business continued to spread geographically, it simultaneously expanded its services.

In recent years, the company has expanded into the specialized compounding pharmacy market. Compounding pharmacies create medications from raw materials on site in order to customize pharmaceutical strength and dosage amounts to fit the specific medical needs of each individual patient.