CIS Hang Zhou 2014

Jasmine Savage

Hang Zhou, West Lake

The Start of a Journey


          Orientation was really fun, at first I was sceptical, but as the days went by I gradually grew more enthusiastic. We got to know our surroundings, both inside and outside the campus, as well going on a hike around the West Lake. I am very excited and looking forward to the next school year.

IDE #1 - Teaching English to GYS Primary

            Year 4 is the most enthusiastic class ever, their willingness to speak was good, and soothing for my nerves. I was worried that they wouldn’t like me, but when they complained that they didn’t want to go back to class, that was really boosting for my confidence. I think the main reason why I was worried is that it didn’t manage to manage my time well, but we managed okay.

            Year 5 was kind of un-enthusiastic, and seemed to not know as much English and the Year 4 class. I’m not sure whether they actually didn’t know that much, or it’s just they didn’t really want to talk. The Simon Says game didn’t last as long as it did for the Year 4s, and I think it was because I didn’t speak that loud, or that clearly. The ball game lasted for longer, so that was more fun, because they actually sat in a circle and played. We managed two balls and started again, to extend the activity. I think I should get more balls for the year 6’s.

             The year 6s are who I observed last lesson, so it was easier than the year 5s, and also they were more enthusiastic than the year 5s , like the other class them Simon says didn't last as long as we thought it would, but we did add two more countries during our third class prep because we thought he first activity was too short. The ball game was fun because they actually put some strategy, but I think that I didn't speak as much English as I should have.

           Overall, I hopefully did a surprisingly successful day of teaching, and I was really nervous at first, but hopefully I did a good job and they took something away with them. If I could do it again, I would change the first activity to something else for the elder users, because I think that they weren't that engaged in the first activity than they were in the second. Maybe something like Hangman or at least something more challenging but still fun for the year 5's and 6's.

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