June 30, 2014

Life in Space

Eliza Friedman

I bet when you were little you always wanted to go to space. In reality, going to, and living in space would kinda suck. Sure the earth is overpopulated, And yeah, you could travel at the speed of sound, but at the speed of light, space looks great, if  you think "great" means it looks like a blue dot. And I don't. Also, If you like playing video games, there's no Wi-Fi in space.  Your eyesight would not be good at all. It would be cool to play the iPhone game Angry Birds: Space, but in space. Plus, astronauts need to exercise every day. Blech. Also, if your special someone (wink wink) was onboard, it would be hard to hug. But hey, you could SWIM THROUGH AIR!!! Overall, I think that for about 2 days, it would be worth it.


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3 years ago

Photo credit: Valve Inc.