Choose the Right Policy with Life Insurance Premium Calculator

Getting life insurance is important. However, getting the right type of life insurance policy is crucial. Seeing the list of life insurance companies in the Indian market, choosing the right kind of policy is not easy. There are people who mull over hours perhaps days but don’t figure out the exact life insurance amount.

The purpose of this article is to help you choose the right life insurance policy with the help of life insurance premium calculator.

Life insurance premium calculator-The most useful tool for choosing life insurance

Life insurance premium calculator is one of the main tools used to determine a suitable life insurance policy. It is also known as “life needs calculator”.

There are various ways a person can approach for choosing the perfect policy which would protect all the essential needs of the family. However, using life insurance premium calculator is the easiest of all.

Below is a quick guide. This guide will help you begin accumulating information which will eventually help you to pick the right plan. It is a beneficial guide for all couples who have or are yet to have children.

Further you can browse your way through the guide and discover the essential facts which a life insurance premium calculator is able to realize-

1. Estimation of funeral rites and expenses- Even the modest funeral costs a good amount of money. Therefore, it is necessary to arrive at this amount after considering or estimating the future rate of inflation. This is easily possible by using a life insurance premium calculator.

2. Estimation of estate taxes or home mortgage bills owed.

3. Calculation of unpaid debt excluding your mortgage cost.

4. Calculation of money needed for any kind of unexpected emergencies and other kinds of expenses.

5. It helps to arrive at an adequate amount for your children's higher education path without hassles.

6. Life insurance premium calculator helps analyze your dependent’s existing and future annual living expenses when you won’t be around.

7. It also considers your partner’s salary if he/she is working and analyzes the correct premium amount and sum assured amount you should look for in any life insurance policy.

8. It is important to consider social security benefits. However, it is physically difficult to estimate these needs correctly. Using life insurance premium calculator, it easily analyzes your Social Security Benefits that your spouse will receive. Some won’t be comfortable depending on this. For those, the calculator has the option of not considering it.

Note- Higher the sum amount of the plan’s coverage one buys, the greater will be the cost of premiums.

9. Life insurance premium calculator assists you to determine the total assets you have. It considers your assets and evaluates them against your liabilities thus arriving at a rational amount.

10. The calculator helps to analyze which approach you should take- conservative or aggressive thus helping you save more.


In short, Life insurance premium calculator gives a precise and honest answer to your life insurance needs.