Life of Ashley

My name is Ashley Barrientos, I will give you a little about my life. I go to Harlingen High South in the 11th grade. My family comes first, i live with my grandparents, they have raised me since i got out of the hospital. So i call them mom and dad always. My uncle who i call brother since i lived with most of my life moved out and went to college at UTSA and graduated. I have a boyfriend of 2 years named Jose Flores, and we are surprisingly expecting a baby!'m 6 1/2 months and don't know the gender yet but we are happy. My tackk will also be about my life and the little events and memories in it.

March 17, 2014.

  It was a Monday i had went to boring school all day then my friend Destiny, which i have for a class asked me to go to the gym with her. I was excited and said yes, since i had no plans for the day. I waited for school to be over and went home and got dressed and my dad dropped me off at Golds Gym where Destiny told me to go. She was waiting patiently outside, when we got in she scanned her card and for me she had a free pass to go in. We went to the Cardio Cinema where you watch movies while working out. It was fun and quiet, i had lost 250 calories on the elliptical which is similar to the treed-meal. We did a few other ones. Around 9pm we left the Golds gym and walked around the mall where we got free cookies at my boyfriends work which is called Great American Cookies. There were good, and my boyfriend gave us more.

Me and my friend Destiny after we ate cookies!

March 4, 2014.

The day my boyfriend took me out to eat for our anniversary.

March 4, was my boyfriends and I anniversary, we had met November 4, 2012! I was excited for what he had plan. I woke up for school, my mom made me breakfast and it was the regular routine for school. School had finally finished! I asked him what we were going to do he had told me "It's a surprise!" So he picked me up from school and we took off. We had parked in the parking lot of Olive Garden! I was happy cause it would be my first time there and Ive been wanting to go eat there. We had a great time just talking and being ourselves. And the food especially was great. I love my boyfriend!

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March 24, 2014.

The person who i look up too is my older brother. He has helped me through school stuff. When i feel like giving up he tells me encouraging things that will help me keep going in life. He doesn't live me any more because he moved out to go to college but he already graduated and got a life and job. When he found out about my pregnancy he told me not to quit school, which i am not because i am almost through with it. He wants me to succeed in life. A person you look up too should be encouraging you to make good choices not bad, and not only try to be like them but to become better.

April 4, 2014.

It was a school day and i didn't go to school. I  had a doctor appointment. I woke up and ate breakfast. I remember i had French Toast my grandma made me. When i was finished i got ready and waited till 1:00 to came around.
My boyfriends mom and my boyfriend to picked me up to take me to my doctors appointment. That day we were going to find out the gender. When we got to the doctors office we waited till i was called in to my room. I was finally called, we were happy! They laid me back and i had a sonogram and heard the heart beat, i am 6 months pregnant. The nurse was looking for my baby's below the waist to see. And she gave us the news it was a Girl! We were so happy. We soon left i got my sono pictures and texted and called everyone, my boyfriends family members and my family members and told them the news they were happy and congratulated us!

April 8,teacher  appreciation week!

My favorite teacher is Mrs. McDonald she is my English three teacher. She was also my Creative Writing teacher. Mrs. McDonald is the coolest teacher ever! She has a mind of a teenager, she goofs around and jokes with us but she still gives us work, takes grades serious, and we work everyday, and enforces rules. To me that is perfect no body wants an uptight teacher, with all these ridiculous rules. Her work isn't hard but not easy. She doesn't raise her voice, she has a calm tone and a wonderful personality.

April 16,2014

I plan on finishing high school since i have one more year left. After high school i really haven't thought of it. But i would probably wait a year and take a break since i have a baby and then go into college here in Harlingen at TSTC. I know it's pretty lame, but i wouldn't want to go out of the city, too much hassle since i do not know how to drive but maybe later i will learn. I would go for maybe something like nursing. There will be more opportunities or choices when i get to that point.

May 5, 2014

My mom had woken me up and told me I wasn't going to school because we were going to see my Tia for her birthday in the hospital. She was in the hospital because she had pancreas cancer it was the worse kind of cancer. So we went around 9am. We couldn't see her i didn't know what was going on. Around 10am her daughter ran out yelling and saying " The doctors are trying to bring her back!" it was horrible hearing that. She eventually came back. But i still couldn't see her only immediate family could see her. Around 2pm it happened again but the only thing different was that my Tia's daughter came out and told us that she had passed. It was so sad everyone waiting to see her for her birthday had went into the room she had passed in and we all sang Happy Birthday to her crying, with her laying in front of us. Nobody didn't have a chance to see her and tell her. She was a happy woman and very loving.. I love her so much and miss her!

May 13, 2014

It was finally Tuesday! Every Tuesday if my boyfriend doesn't work we go to the movies it is $5 on Tuesdays. So far we have watched "God's not dead", "Noah's Ark", "Frozen", "Godzilla", " A Haunted House", " Ride Along" and so much more just can't think of them all. But we went to see Godzilla it was a really great movie, it was a sold out showing! But we always get our tickets early during the day. When we had arrived there was no more seat in the top section. We sat at the very bottom, it was alright. But the movie was worth it!

May 19, 2014

My baby moves a lot in my tummy but today she just starded to move ALL the time. Today while she was moving she had just stuck out of my stomach and stayed there. Like a rock and felt like a rock. It hurts most of the time, but it's nice feeling her move. Sometimes i can't take it, and i have to walk around for her to stop or something so i won't feel her. It's a beautiful feeling but sometimes she goes too far! The picture on top shows her coming out, and the bottom is a regular picture of my stomach before.

May 11, 2014

It was Mothers Day! We were having breakfast at my Tia's house that had passed. My family had made Menudo and barbacoa.  I wish my Tia was there, she would of appreciate it. The whole family was there, The food was amazing after everyone was done we were all just talking. Later the day Everyone left and came back and had a cook out still celebrating Mothers Day. My family had made different meats and sides. It was so good also. It was a good day.

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