Expert Emergency Response Products

Providing emergency response services around the clock, Life Protect 24/7 offers clients a reliable means to receive assistance not only in emergencies, but also in any potentially dangerous circumstances, such as a home break-in. The company’s products, which include the eResponder Cellular Mobile Unit and the EZ Care Landline Monitoring Unit, have enabled numerous customers to continue to live independently in their own homes. Life Protect 24/7 also sells a Lock Box to keep an emergency door key available.

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Life Protect uses UL-listed monitoring centers with 24-hour operating times. Each specialist at the monitoring centers must receive at least 180 hours of training time prior to answering calls, and the medical alert care specialists have Central Station Alarm Association certification, denoting them as the best-trained in the industry.

The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with its products. To obtain more information about the company’s products and other service offerings, visit Additionally, to garner further details, place an order, or receive a personal consultation, call 1-888-864-8403.