Like Dislike Counter Pro Plugin for WordPress

Engage your users with your content. Let them provide you a quick feedback about your content, whether they liked it or not with this AWESOME WordPress plugin.

Like Dislike counter adds cool button to your posts, pages or comments. This particular plugins lets your users provide you a feedback whether they like or dislike your posts or they agree or disagree or whatever sense you may want it to use.

Here are some important features for the plugin

  1. Its highly customizable. You can configure what text you want to display beyond the icons, you can define that for each type for posts, pages and comments.
  2. It comes with 5 different set of icons to choose from. You can choose from the available 5 set of icons.
  3. You don’t need to know code to use this plugin. Just install the plugin. Make settings in the back-end and woof its there on your posts and pages and comments
  4. Comes with a widget to show most liked posts or pages in the sidebar.
  5. For advance users: Template code ready if you want to use it on your own way. Its for the users who know what they are doing.