Lilac Organic

Alcohol-free, organic skin care products

Rejuvenating, moisturizing, revitalizing

Our soothing, healing all-natural creams, lotions, butters and balms are hand-crafted to rejuvenate tired, dry skin and invigorate the senses.

Ultimate freshness and vitality

Our products are made from all natural ingredients, hand-selected and imported from native sources around the world.

Organic pure and natural

Lilac Organic products contain no alcohols, artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives or artificial colors. Just rich, healing, soothing essential oils and other refreshing natural components. Nearly all of the ingredients are certified organic.

Our all-natural products:

Organic Facial Moisturizer

Organic Hand Butter

Organic Lip Balm

The Lilac Organic Story

Lilac Organic is a micro-laboratory producing high quality, organic skin care products in small, fresh batches.

Dedicated to formulating elegant, effective and luxurious cosmetics from purely natural ingredients, Lilac Organic was founded in 2008 by Sigal Tabackman, a full-time mother living in Israel.

Discovering that it was not easy to find pure, natural creams and lotions made from organic ingredients, without alcohol or artificial chemicals, she began to study and experiment, seeking out the highest quality raw materials from certified organic sources around the world.

Once she had developed a few products that she herself loved, she began to share her creations with friends, who told their friends, and who kept coming back for more for themselves and to give as gifts.

Today, she continues to develop new formulas, while producing fresh batches of her customers' favorites every week.