Lilac Organic

Organic Facial Moisturizer

Lavender Vanilla

Our rejuvenating Lavender Vanilla Organic Facial Moisturizer revives your skin while smoothing away the effects of the outside world.

Based on a rich and healing formula, our heavenly organic facial moisturizer will become your skin's best friend. Its soothing, hydrating, protecting ingredients put a barrier between your skin and the world's pollutants, air conditioners, and other damaging environmental factors.

Lavender essential oil is gentle, and has a soft, floral scent. The delicate aroma is known for its relaxing, calming effect on the central nervous system.

Vanilla essential oil balances mood and reduces stress, and its intoxicating, sensual fragrance is a universal favorite.

Available in an elegant 50ml / 1.7 oz glass jar.