Lilac Organic

Organic Hand Butter

Lemon Lavender

Our healing Lemon Lavender Organic Hand Butter soothes your hard-working hands, while refreshing your spirit with the delicate scent of its authentic lemon and lavender essential oils.

The soothing formulation nourishes and revitalizes dry hands and nails, and is wonderful for knees, elbows and feet as well.

To fight the ravages of time and the elements on your hands, apply this hydrating lifesaver frequently throughout the day.

The refreshing lemon essential oil will lift up your spirits with its citrus aroma, while calming your mood and restoring your energy.

Lavender essential oil brightens your day and soothes your soul, while calming and relaxing with its delicate, delicious aroma.

Available in an elegant 50 ml / 1.7 oz glass jar.