Lilac Organic

Organic Lip Balm


Our delicate refreshing Spearmint Organic Lip Balm will heal and deeply moisturize your lips while bringing a smile to your face with its fresh, delicious personality.

This all-natural, moisturizing, lip-pampering formula is actually edible! Nourishing, rich, soothing, and ultra-cooling, just a dab will keep your lips happily hydrated for hours.

Great for lips that are weather-beaten, chapped and tender, as well as a wonderful preventative formulation to make sure your lips stay sweet and juicy, naturally!

Silky sweet, our Organic Lip Balm is proudly flavored with certified organic Spearmint Essential Oil, a cooling, stimulating scent and flavor that will energize and awaken throughout the day.

Available in a 15ml / 0.5 oz glass jar.