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Based in Miami, Florida, Liliana Bordallo owns and operates Household Services, Inc. The company provides domestic support to clients in areas ranging from childcare to home maintenance. Liliana Bordallo’s day-to-day responsibilities at the company include hiring and managing staff members, who in turn carry out duties like gardening, painting, and cleaning.

Outside of business, Ms. Bordallo pursues a range of interests. A charitable individual, she collects clothes and toys to distribute to local hospitals and orphanages. In her spare time, she enjoys photographing scenes from nature. To stay physically active, she practices yoga as well as rhythmic gymnastics. She also maintains good health by preparing recipes that call for organic ingredients and by relaxing at local spas.

Before launching her career, Liliana Bordallo studied at the University of Buenos Aires. In addition to running Household Services, she helps clients to create relaxing and harmonious domestic spaces as an interior designer.


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Selecting Home Interior Colors that Flow

A well-established Miami entrepreneur, Liliana Bordallo leads Household Services, Inc., also known as Lili’s, which fulfills the diverse needs of luxury residence owners. Liliana Bordallo has a passion for interior design and frequently assists clients in rethinking their home decor. One critical aspect in presenting a unified interior aesthetic involves choosing coordinated wall, accent, and furnishing colors.

One way to create a flowing palette between spaces is to use varying intensities of the same color in each space. This works particularly well with neutral colors such as beige, which can be incorporated in shades that range from medium to near-white. These various shades of the same color can be used as wall colors as well as in furnishings such as sofas. They can also be incorporated into accent pieces like throw rugs, paintings, and pillows. With this touchstone color a constant, visitors have the feeling of continuity as they progress from room to room.

Building on this approach, a designer can create complex color relationships among as many as five colors that predominate throughout the house. For example, the dominant color in the entryway may be incorporated in the pillows in the living room, while the accent color of the entryway is used for the living room wall color.

Tips for Taking Care of a Pool

For more than five years, Liliana Bordallo has worked as the director of Household Services Lilis, Inc., based out of Miami, Florida. As director, Liliana Bordallo oversees a wide range of services, including pool maintenance and general household staffing.

There are a number of basic steps and precautions that must be taken while maintaining a privately owned pool, beginning with daily pH and chlorine level checks. An ideal pH level for a pool falls between 7.4 and 7.6, while the chlorine levels should measure between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million. Both the surface and floor of the pool should be cleaned at least once a week, and skimmer baskets must be checked and emptied regularly.

There are additional steps homeowners need to take in order to maximize the value of their pool. For example, certain pool pumps account for more than 50 percent of a homeowner’s monthly energy bill; shopping around for an energy-efficient pump is a must prior to installation. Pools that are not effectively maintained will need to be removed or overhauled in half the time it takes for a properly maintained pool to reach the same point. A pool’s lifespan is reduced to about 25 percent if it is not maintained at all.

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